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Weighing and dosing solution

Hanrui Company specializes in design of weighing and dosing system and manufacturing of its related equipment and onsite installation and debugging. With the rich jobsite experience, Hanrui can provide customers with overall weighing and dosing solutions according to the different working condition.

Weighing and dosing system, widely used in chemical industry and food industry, has replaced the traditional manual weighing, enhanced the weighing precision and avoided man-made misoperation to save a lot of labor. The entire weighing process is conducted under closed system, which efficiently prevents the dust from leakage and brings great benefits to the company.

Solution description:

Composition: Raw material storage, Feeding device, Weighing balance bucket, Control system, Dust collection system, Material mixing and Conveying system.

Material: Including powder, particle, granule, flake and many kinds of solid material.

Weighing method: “Zero method” or “Reduction method “can be chosen to weigh different kinds of material according to the material feature and process requirement.

Working mode: Single bucket and single material, single bucket and multi-material, multi-bucket and multi-material

Solution features:

Accurate feeding device, guarantee the feeding quantity;

Advance balance bucket match the high-precision level sensor, guarantee the weighing and dosing precision

Powerful reporting system with production data counting function, provide the clients with scientific management of production system;

Accurate ratio and mixed feeding of multi-material can be achieved;

Customized design according to the process requirements;

Application ranges:

Widely used in chemical industry, food, pharmacy, rubber, environment protection, construction material and coal industries

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