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Tubular chain conveying solution

The chain, as the drive device, drives the material moving in the closed pipeline. When conveyed horizontally, the solid material is pushed by disk in the running way. When the internal friction of the material layer is larger than the external friction between the material and pipe wall, the material will move forward via the disks and form stable material flow; When conveyed vertically, the material is pushed up by the disks, at the same time, the bottom feeding will prevent the upper material from falling down, thus generates horizontal side pressure which increases the internal friction. When the internal friction between the materials is larger than the external friction between the material and pipe wall and its own gravity, the material will move upward via disks and thus forms continuous material flow.

Solution features:

  • Totally closed pipeline makes no dust, no pollution to the environment, no need to install other dust removal equipments;

  • Applicable for explosion-proof area;

  • Require minimum power and energy consumption; low cost for maintenance and repair;

  • High-degree automation control method can be adopted to improve the modern level;

  • Enhance the abrasion performance of the disks according to the condition, lower the maintenance cost;

  • Special cleaning mechanism and disks are design to meet the cleanliness requirement of the customers.

  • Special process chains and testing procedure is adopted to ensure the strength of the chains and enhance the reliability of the system.

  • Special designed discharging way can satisfy the residual ratio requirement for conveying different material in the same pipeline to some extent. 

  • Reliable operation, lose noise, improve the onsite working environment.

  • Rich experience in on-site installation and debugging can meet customers’ different problems.

  • Flexible solution can be provided according to customers’ different working condition. Manual feeding, tank truck feeding and container feeding can be adopted. Multiple feeding, multiple discharging can be achieved to optimize the solution. 

Related parameters:

Conveying capacity≤ 300m3/h

Conveying distance: Horizontal distance≤ 80m Vertical distance≤ 60m

Application ranges:

Applicable for conveying the solid material in chemical industry, chemical fiber, grain, food, mineral industries 

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