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bulk bag unloaders

  • Automatic Bag Emptying System

    Automatic Bag Emptying SystemAutomatic bag emptying system unpacking capacity: 1800 bags/h(maxmum); Wide range of unpacking:0.1kg~70kg/bags; Packing bags material: kraft paper, plastic film, woven bag, jute bag, compound bag etc. Material loss rate: 1/1000~1/10000 Many machine matrial required by clients: SS304,...Read More

  • Big Bag Emptying Systems

    Big Bag Emptying SystemsBig bag emptying systems elevates ton bag to material inlet, breaking the ton bag outlet by manual, then opens flowrate control valve with vibrancy equipment to promote unloading powder or pellets into the lower hopper by gravity. Design capacity: 12bag/h; Big Bag Unloader Function and Features:...Read More