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Pneumatic conveying solution

Pneumatic conveying uses the airflow at certain pressure and speed as power and carrier to convey the powder and particle material to designated location via pipeline. 

HanruiCompany can provide the following system,

Rotary feeder feeding conveying system:

Add the material to the conveying pipeline continuously via rotary feeder. The compressed air will keep purging at certain flow which pushes the material and gas flow forward at certain material gas ratio and speed to achieve the material conveying.

Solution features:

  • Continuous conveying, the height of the equipment is low, easy to adjust the conveying capacity;

  • Fewer spare parts, low failure rate, stable operation;

  • Easy control, convenient operation;

  • The main equipment in this system is designed and manufactured by our company; the quality can be controlled;

  • Design according to the different distance and conveying capacity;

  • The high pressure rotary valve can achieve long-distance dense conveying.

Application ranges:

Applicable for conveying the solid material with low viscosity in chemical industry, chemical fiber, food and pharmacy industries.

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