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What Is The Cause Of The Failure Of The Rotary Valve?
Jun 22, 2017

Advantages of rotary valve

1, the principle of the rotation of the planets that are considered to be very suitable, the input and output shafts are on the same axis and are of a unique nature that are directly integrated with the motor, so the structure is compact and compact and lightweight specialty.

2, tightly closed performance is very good, the average feeding and stability, discharge operation safe and stable, low noise, less failure, the use of life is also very long, wear resistance is also very high.

3, bearings, gear box, away from the valve body, to prevent the impact of high temperature dust, before and after the end of the tightly closed performance is very good, to avoid the leakage of dust to extend the mobile parts, lubricating oil system life.

4, reproduced experience is very strong, impact resistance of the inertial force is also very small rotation, you know the rotary valve has any advantages? Suitable for use in the number of start and a lot of vertical and horizontal.

Rotation valve failure causes

1, the rotary valve wiring is loose or the thread off, the solenoid valve lack of electricity supply, it can not work, thread tightened after it.

2, the rotary valve coil burned, we have to open the solenoid valve wiring, and then use a multimeter to measure, see what specific problems are caused, if the coil is damp, it may cause insulation is not good, resulting in The current is too large will burn out, we use the rotary valve in the process to prevent the rain into the rotary valve inside, and the coil turns too little, will let the coil burned.

3, the rotary valve if stuck, rotary valve slide valve sleeve and spool gap is very small, generally will make a single piece of assembly, when the mechanical impurities mixed into the known or rotary valve failure is what causes the lubricant In rare cases, it is easy to get stuck, so this time you can use the wire, because the wire is relatively small, inserted from the hole into the head, or the rotary valve removed to clean the inside Parts, so that will be more flexible to use, when the demolition should also pay attention to the order, to the correct installation and removal.