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The Reason For The Deviation Of The Plate Conveyors
Oct 31, 2017

As with belt conveyors (hereinafter referred to as the belt machine) there is a deviation problem, the plate conveyors (hereinafter referred to as the board, including the scale conveyors, flat conveyors, etc.) there are deviation problems. Deviation of serious board machine, not only increased the running resistance, serious will make the whole machine to accelerate the wear chain, in a few years to be scrapped. This is a problem that must be solved. At present, the discussion of board machine deviation has not been reported.

1 board machine deviation reasons

There are many reasons for the deviation of the machine, such as: the front wheel spindle and the longitudinal centerline of the machine is not vertical, will be the same as the steering wheel steering wheel, as to turn the direction of deviation; or because the wheel of the two sprocket symmetrical center line Conveyors longitudinal centerline does not coincide, will make the conveyors to the side of the direction of deviation; or because the first wheel of the spindle is not installed, due to the role of gravity, will shift to the direction of the low side. These problems are caused by the installation of tolerance, the reason is simple and intuitive, easy to solve, as long as the industry standard installation will not appear deviation problem. Practice has proved that the main reason for the deviation of the machine is the head drive shaft on the two sprockets are not synchronized caused.

First introduce the structural characteristics of the board machine. And the belt is very similar to the machine driven by the first wheel, by the tail wheel tension tape or plate for the cycle of operation, the middle of the support of the bracket, roller or roller, the upper carrying transport materials, the lower no load back. Board is different from the machine with the board is the carrier of steel and other solid structure, impact resistance, high temperature, with the machine can not be replaced. The carrier of the board is tied together by the chain chain, the same is the flexible structure. But the flexibility of the board is a level, that is, a section of a section, its pitch is the transmission chain pitch, compared with the belt without pitch, stepless.

Because the board is a chain drive, then the main wheel drive shaft on the system with the role of the spindle through the axis of the two sprocket rate of the main plate with the operation. Two sprockets are generally located on both sides of the strip, the sprocket spacing is greater than the strip width. If the two sprockets are not synchronized, then the front side of the sprocket to pull the plate to the side of the run, also to this side deviation. As in a flat belt drive, the active pulley is often made of drums, the drums are the largest in diameter, and the flat belts are led in the middle to maintain the normal drive, which is often said that the "belt is tight" and Will take the drum made of drums truth.