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The Level Of The Screw Conveyors
Jul 04, 2017

The screw conveyors checks the part of the normal movement without foreign matter, checking that all the wires are normal and the normal conveyors belt in the operation.Finally check the voltage difference between the power supply equipment does not exceed ± 5% of the rated voltage.

In the screw conveyors is running, it will ask as follows:

1. Turn off the main power switch, check the power of the device is normal, the power indicator will light.To the normal next step.

2. Off on the track, check whether it is normal.Under normal power switch: the device does not move, the belt conveyors running indicator light does not light, the inverter and the power indicator and other equipment, the inverter display board is normal (no Fault code display).

3. In accordance with the provisions of the program began to start the normal (motor or other equipment, electrical equipment, electrical equipment has reached normal speed, normal state), and then start the next electrical equipment.

The operation of the screw conveyors must be carried out with the design of the transport of the goods to adhere to the screw conveyors capacity.Second design, we must pay attention to the various types of personnel shall not touch the conveyors belt, part of the non-professional movement shall not be free to enter the electrical components and control buttons .Finally in a screw conveyors, can not run in the second stage of the inverter circuit, such as determining the need for a screw conveyors repair, must stop the conversion can be carried out under the operation, or it may damage the inverter.

The screw conveyors must stop, and when the stop button is pressed, the system will stop completely to cut off General Electric.