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Safety Measures For Installation Of Belt Conveyors
Jun 22, 2017

Belt conveyors running stop, press the stop button to stop all the system before you can cut off the total power, see the details below.

1, close the total power switch, check the equipment power supply is normal and the power indicator light is bright. Normal after the next step.

2, close the power switch of the circuit, the normal state: the device does not move, the belt conveyors running light does not shine, inverter and other equipment power indicator light, the inverter display panel display normal (no fault code display) The

3, in accordance with the process in turn start the electrical equipment, an electrical equipment to start a normal and then start the next electrical equipment. In the operation of the belt conveyors, must comply with the provisions of the items to be transported items, to comply with the design of belt conveyors capacity.

4, and secondly, pay attention to all kinds of personnel shall not touch the belt conveyors part of the movement, non-professionals are not free access to electrical components, control buttons and so on.

Finally, the belt conveyors in the operation can not be on the inverter after the end of the road, such as the need to determine the maintenance, you must stop the frequency of the case to run, otherwise it may damage the inverter.

Belt conveyors installation safety technical measures, the main contents are:

1. Install technical measures

(1) its installation, commissioning, etc., should be in accordance with the parameters and drawings required. Before installation, to carry out the necessary checks, including anchor bolts, etc., there is the location of each component is correct and so on.

(2) the installation of the conveyors should be the base of the leveling, find, and then in accordance with the requirements of the order, pay attention to the base and anchor bolts should be tightened, can not appear loose and so on, otherwise there will be problems.

(3) reducer, motor installation, should be based on the drive wheel to make appropriate adjustments to meet the size requirements of various parts.

The bracket should be coincident with the longitudinal center of the conveyors.

2. Safety measures for laying the belt

(1) before the laying of the belt, the first site to clean up, the channel to ensure smooth and unobstructed.

(2) the middle of the roller, should be complete, the operation should be flexible.

(3) the tools used to lay the belt must be complete and complete.

(4) non-construction workers, can not be free to the construction site.

(5) the operation process should be in accordance with the provisions of the requirements, follow the command.