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On The Rotary Valve Which Applications
Jul 04, 2017

Rotary valve can be used for anti-corrosion equipment parts and gear bad materials, transmission parts, household appliances parts, automotive parts, wear parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment, mechanical parts and so on.

Rotary valve safety lock convenient and practical, well designed.

Rotary valve is also known as the discharge valve, which in accordance with its type can be divided into three types, the first is a butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is mainly the use of baffle and the blade to the center of the shaft as a turning point to the flow direction. The shape of the baffle and the blade looks like a butterfly, the role of the disc valve is mainly cut and adjust the role of more suitable for some slurry of fluid and with some solid suspended solids fluid. The second is the ball valve, its special place is the main spool for the spherical body, with a round hole, when the valve is open when the fluid can pass, if the spherical rotor rotation 90 degrees cut off the logistics, its pressure drop is small, Suitable for high temperature and high pressure nature of the fluid. The third is the plunger valve, which is mainly applied to the switch according to the system.

Advantages of rotary valve

1, the principle of the rotation of the planets that are considered to be very suitable, the input and output shafts are on the same axis and are of a unique nature that are directly integrated with the motor, so the structure is compact and compact and lightweight specialty.

2, tightly closed performance is very good, the average feeding and stability, discharge operation safe and stable, low noise, less failure, the use of rotating to explain the four characteristics of the rotary valve life is also very long, wear resistance very high.

3, bearings, gear box, away from the valve body, to prevent the impact of high temperature dust, before and after the end of the tightly closed performance is very good, to avoid the leakage of dust to extend the mobile parts, lubricating oil system life.

4, reproduced experience is very strong, impact resistance of the inertial force is also very small, suitable for use in the number of start and a lot of vertical and horizontal turn.