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How Can The Information Age Lack The Conveyors?
Jul 04, 2017

With years of experience in accumulating and continuously conveying conveyors systems, such as the precise understanding of the industry and the mastery of the trend, the mixer has developed the Weifu mechanical intelligent combination products to provide customers with the most complete performance characteristics: lifting safety and Automatic lift characteristics. Conveyors with fast, slow two kinds of transmission speed to meet the bulk transport, shipping the different requirements, improve the use of equipment, play a multi-purpose machine performance. On both sides of the rack with a side pipe to prevent the food in the delivery of the bag, and in the feed hopper on both sides of the device has adjustable handle, lowering the side plate to prevent food scattered, easy to bulk grain delivery. Large, small rounds with solid rubber tire to prevent crushing the grain and warehouse ground.

Large and small wheels are equipped with ball bearings, casters with automatic steering function, to ensure that the machine moves light and flexible. The rack is made of welded Nymphoides structure, which has sufficient strength and good rigidity under the concentrated load of the package. Belt conveyors belt and the belt friction to the temperature exceeds the limit, close to the drum installation of the detection device (transmitter) issued over-temperature signal, the receiver received the signal, after 3s delay, so that the implementation of part of the action, World tickets cut off the motor power supply, conveyors automatically stop, play a role in temperature protection. Mine Bit Protection of Mine Belt Conveyors. Such as a conveyors accident can not run or coal gangue block or coal bunker is full and parking and other reasons to make the nose under the pile of coal, the corresponding location of the coal position sensor DL and coal contact, coal bit protection circuit immediately action, so that The latter conveyors immediately stops. At this time the face continues to coal, the rear of the conveyors tail will occur in succession of heap coal, and the corresponding one after the parking, until the automatic transfer machine to stop.

Each type of conveyors should be in the appropriate place, the conveyors will be more easily broken. At this time we should pay attention to maintenance. In the use of mining belt conveyors belt if the conveyors failure, such as the motor burned, mechanical transmission part of the damage, belt or chain pull off, belt slip, installed in the conveyors passive parts on the accident sensor SG magnetic switch can not Closed or can not be closed at normal speed.