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Extend The Life Of The Valve To Do Four Things
Jul 13, 2017

With the decline in oil prices, maintaining the valve and actuating equipment at its optimum performance level is a way to save costs and keep production costs minimized. Therefore, the end user must find a way to extend the life of the valve and actuator to keep it at its optimum performance level to reduce valve replacement costs. Choosing the right valve is the most critical factor in determining its life cycle. Must be properly installed and then regularly maintained to maximize life expectancy. Compliance with periodic maintenance plans, including inspection, cleaning and lubrication, is critical to any valve performance and greatly extends its service life.

Valve selection

The key factor in maintaining the optimum performance level of the valve is to ensure that the correct valve is selected for the correct application. One of the main causes of valve leakage and failure after installation is the wrong valve design or the wrong structural material selected. The vast majority of valve leaks are caused by erroneous use because there is no correct choice during the selection phase. Important focus: what is the medium? How much temperature is used? How much pressure? Is it in open or closed position?

Careful and thorough inspection of the valve specifications at the beginning of the project can save time and money in the installation and maintenance phases of the project. These steps will also prevent misuse.

Valve installation

Once the appropriate valve has been purchased, the end user must be vigilant to maintain the delivered valve while waiting for installation. Allows the valve to be installed in the field without external components, due to corrosion will increase the end user's cost. The field technician will further damage when removing the end cap of the valve. When removing the end cap, dust and foreign matter will be deposited in the valve, which may cause damage to the ball and seat and, if installed, cause leakage. Do not open the end caps for special reasons, as they provide the first line of defense to keep the inside of the valve clean.

Incorrect lifting of the pneumatic valve or electric valve can cause damage to the actuator and the valve. When transporting the valve in the field, there are rings on the valve, do not lift the valve or actuator through the valve stem. However, in the installation phase, the most important step is to purge the line before it is pressurized.

Valve maintenance

Maintenance plans are usually the best way to prevent valve and drive failure. Run at least once a month for online valve. Please note that most valve manufacturers will choose which type of lubricant to use to optimize the performance of their valve. Good preventive maintenance can begin when the end user receives the valve at its designated location. Checking the list is also an important precautionary measure:

Ensure that the material list for valve, start and valve control accessories meets the end user's specifications.

The valve package must be inspected to ensure that the outside of the valve and parts are not damaged during transport and that all grease fittings are present.

Ensure that the valve process connections are covered to prevent dust and debris from entering the body cavity.

Please note the valve manufacturer's instructions for lifting and shipping the valve. For example, the valve should not be lifted by a gear drive or actuator. If the valve is stored for a period of time before installation, it should be stored in a climate controlled or dry environment to maintain the integrity of the trim.

It is necessary to develop a maintenance program that takes into account all valve types to evaluate the best preventive maintenance technology for each valve style.

Experience summary

Save costs through education, experience and research. Manufacturers and suppliers should provide consistent educational and training opportunities. The end user should contact the manufacturer and visit the manufacturer's website to view the information. Industry experts can guide new people to pass on their rich knowledge to ensure that their technology is improved. End users should study the supplier's quality assurance programs and products. Many people currently do not use the manufacturer's after-sales service to ensure that their products will run for a long time. knowledge is power. Communication is the key. Research is necessary. Follow-up practice is essential.