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Dust Collector Maintenance And Repair
Aug 31, 2016

Filter in daily use in the process, require specialized personnel conduct inspections and cleaning, to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector and use. Before use check whether the work environment the voltage the normal led is working, keep the power grounding, close the lock, check the filter bag without damage. Dry type dust collector should not be adsorption humidity big or easy deliquescence media real, cannot adsorption with fire of media real; sucking dust tube should not be folding bent using, cannot has cut, and hot, damaged situation exists; dust drawer in the of collection real to timely cleanup, cleanup Shi must shut machine, case caused not security accident and dust of two times pollution; long-term using Hou filter bags if has wear situation, to timely replaced filter bags, reduced not necessary of loss; dramatic of impact will makes some parts occurred deformation, may will led to sealed not strict, Effects of suction and dust removal effect, so you should avoid adsorption gas filter should always be checked to prevent leaks cause an accident. Dust collector for fixtures, ordinary single filter should be placed indoors, exhaust pipe can be changed outside must be installed outdoors, can build a protective cover or electronic control separated from the machine. Dust collecting unit are generally placed outdoors, pay attention to the impact on the environment and security.