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Development And Application Of Pulse Bag Dust Collector
May 31, 2017

The development and application of pulsed bag Dust Collector is an important condition for its dust bag problem (ie made of fibrous material of the Dust Collector cloth). Before the fifties the use of dust bag is mainly cotton, wool, and later due to the application of synthetic fibers (especially high temperature, corrosion-resistant fiber) to be successful, to promote the application of bag Dust Collector provides a very favorable conditions. And therefore broke the more than 20 years ago to deal with more than 200 degrees high temperature dust gas can only use the situation of electrostatic precipitators and scrubbers, so that the application of bag Dust Collector into the high temperature field.

Glass fiber Dust Collector has been more than 20 years of history, its low cost, high temperature performance, is the main high temperature Dust Collector. In order to improve its anti-bending and corrosion resistance, in addition to the use of silicone, silicone + polytetrafluoroethylene, silicone + PTFE + graphite, the same with the development of a special chemical agent for the matrix Of the fourth generation of treatment methods (code Q70, Q75), temperature up to 330 degrees. China is also actively engaged in the development, such as graphite - PTFE yarn impregnated with woven glass cloth, in the acid process 200 ~ 300 degrees of corrosive flue gas used in life for up to one year.

In the synthetic fiber, polyester fiber has been widely used in various industrial sectors. High temperature nylon (polyester imine fiber, foreign trade name for the Nomex), temperature 220 degrees, the service life than glass brazing high 2 to 10 times, from 1965 in the industry since the rapid development has become a universal Of the high temperature Dust Collector.

From the cleaning method, the gas ring bag Dust Collector, although with continuous operation, the pressure loss is stable, high filtration speed, but there is a short life of dust bag, transmission maintenance and other issues, so that its development is limited. The pulse jet type bag Dust Collector compared with the former because no internal moving parts, so dust bag long life (usually 1 to 3 years), maintenance is simple, widely used.

In order to withstand higher temperatures, there are also applications in the industry Teflon fiber (Teflon) or even metal fiber (stainless steel) for the Dust Collector, but because of its high cost of its application is limited.

In order to further improve the efficiency of filtration, in recent years with short fiber Glamex as the bottom, with acupuncture puncture fine glass fiber made of felt, known as Glamex Dust Collector. Since 1970 for asphalt, carbon black and other industrial flue gas purification, get good results.

As a high temperature bag Dust Collector Dust Collector, the domestic trial has a better needle polyester felt, is expected to be used instead of the current use of 208 single-sided polyester fabric.