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Conveyors Drive And Brake System Components
Oct 20, 2017

Conveyors drive and brake system components. Conveyors drive system mainly by the 10kV high-voltage motor, liquid sticky soft start device, reducer and other components. 3 sets of liquid sticky soft start device installed in accordance with the way 2: 1, liquid sticky soft start device can achieve the control of the main motor start and the Qingdao conveyors stepless speed control, the key is a certain law control soft starter hydraulic station control The oil pressure allows the belt conveyors to achieve the starting characteristics of various curves. The braking system is composed of a disc brake device, which is installed on the head to the drum. The braking torque is adjusted by the brake oil pressure proportional valve on the brake hydraulic station. The size of the braking torque is the same as the size of the oil pressure. Inversely.

Conveyors electronic control system hardware components

The electrical part is mainly composed of PLC control box, console, high voltage motor switch, control pump motor switch, lubrication pump motor switch, belt speed sensor, motor speed sensor, control oil pressure sensor, main motor current sensor and Qingdao conveyors comprehensive equipment The

Lubricating pump is mainly to provide soft start device sufficient oil to play the role of cooling and lubrication and transmission torque, the control pump for the soft start of the piston to the appropriate pressure control oil to control the friction between the gap. PLC control box is equipped with internal power supply, S7-200PLC, PLC as the control core can be achieved on the high voltage and low voltage motor control and detection system running status display and fault handling.