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Composite Multi - Layer Network Belt Conveyors Product Features
Oct 31, 2017

Composite multi-layer belt conveyors Features: simple structure, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, is widely used in various industries.

Multi - layer network belt conveyors Product Specifications: The main delivery form: horizontal transport type, turn conveyors type, climbing transport type.

Multi-layer mesh belt conveyors drive form: motor drive transmission type.

Multi-layer network with conveyors speed mode: frequency control, Promise speed.

Multi-layer mesh belt conveyors performance parameters: the use of stainless steel Seiko manufacturing, chain drive, easy to deviation, deformation, heat resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, durable, the most suitable for the delivery of various items of heating, drying and cooling items ; Because bacteria can not breed on the net, but also the best choice for food delivery. Sprocket diameter of up to 80mm, to achieve the design of miniaturization, can be a smooth delivery of food. For cleaning, sterilization even when the use of high-temperature water or drugs, the network will not have any impact. It is easy to wash away the residue on the mesh belt.

Features: Multi-layer network belt conveyors, can be a multi-purpose machine, effective energy conservation and effective saving of plant space, widely used in food, non-staple food, frozen aquatic products processing line, packaging conveyors line and electronic accessories heating, baking Of the delivery. Can also be used for pharmaceutical, household chemicals and other industries.