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Combustible Dust, Does Not Mean That Will Explode. Research Results Show That Dust Explosions Typically Has Five Criteria
Aug 31, 2016

1. moderate dust concentration. Low concentration, spacing is too large dust particles, waves of flame, do not explode; the concentration is too high, lack of oxygen or explosive (generally 30 to 40 grams per cubic meter of Al-mg reached explosive concentrations of dust)

2. to have a certain oxygen level. This is necessary for the combustion of dust.

3. to have adequate sources of ignition. Minimum ignition energy for dust explosion, 1-2 orders of magnitude larger than the gas explosion.

4. dust to dust clouds, which is in a suspended state.

5. dust cloud in a sealed space, so that the temperature and pressure can rise sharply.

Usually, explosive dust if it meets condition 1 and condition 2, means has the signs of a possible accident. So, coal mines, flour mills, sugar mills, textile mills, the sulfur plant, feed, plastic and metal processing plant and grain depots, such as some places with poor air circulation, dust explosion-prone. Dust explosions are often more than once, most likely secondary explosion. First deposited on the ground, equipment on the dust-blown up, and within a short time after the explosion, explosion Center would create a negative pressure, fresh air is sucked in around, mixed with kicking up dust, causing secondary explosions. When the second explosion, dust concentration is relatively high, so power will be even greater.