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Characteristics Of Aluminum Dust Explosion
Aug 31, 2016

(1) is the most important feature of dust explosion the explosion many times;

(2) the minimum ignition energy of dust explosion required high, generally above dozens of MJ;

(3) compared with the explosion of flammable gases, dust explosion pressure rise more slowly, higher pressures of long duration, release of energy, destruction force. Smaller dust burn faster than gas, because of its long burn time and energy, and extent of destruction and burning so much. This is because of the high carbon and hydrogen content in the dust, combustible contents. If compared to the highest energy, dust explosion is several times the gas explosion, temperatures of up to 2000-3,000 deg 345-690kpa maximum explosion pressure;

(4) dust burning through heating and melting, dissociation, complex processes such as evaporation, dust explosion occurred from contact with ignition sources to the amount of time the induction period to be longer than the gas explosion, dozens of seconds;

(5) the dust explosion can cause dust exploded in other parts of the building. Than the first and second explosion pressure explosion pressure, damaging more seriously.