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Belt Conveyors Smoothing Method And Belt Deviation
Jul 13, 2017

Belt slippery approach:

A: Spiral tension or hydraulic tension Tape machine skid Use a screw tension or hydraulic tension of the belt conveyors slip can be adjusted when the tension stroke to increase the tension. However, sometimes the tension stroke is not enough, the belt appeared permanent deformation, then the belt can be cut off a section of re-vulcanization.

Second: in the use of nylon belt or EP is required to stretch the long stroke, when the trip is not enough to re-vulcanization or increase the tension stroke to solve.

Three: heavy hammer tension belt conveyors belt skid the use of heavy hammer tension device belt conveyors in the belt slip can be added to solve the weight, added to the belt without slipping so far. But should not be added too much, so as not to allow the belt to withstand unnecessary excessive tension and reduce the belt life.

There are a variety of reasons for deviation, need to be dealt with according to different reasons:

One: adjust the load carrier group

Second: install the aligning roller group

Three: tension adjustment of the belt tension adjustment is a belt conveyors deviation adjustment of a very important part.

Four: adjust the drive roller and reoriented roller position to drive the drum and adjust the drum adjustment is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment.

Five: two-way operation belt conveyors deviation adjustment.