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Aluminum Dust Explosion Accident Occurred After The Fight?
Aug 31, 2016

Flammable metal powder of aluminum compounds to form explosive dust. Fire first with asbestos blankets (or sand) covered with water to fight the blaze. Extinguisher choice of aluminum powder in order to effectively fight the fire, must be correct with the use of extinguishing agents. First of all, Aluminum powder fire cannot be conducted with water and foam to fight the blaze, which is usually has a layer of oxide film on the surface of aluminum powder, water normally do not react. But made of aluminum powder or has fallen off the oxide film of aluminum powder on and the fire burning under high temperature baking or aluminium powder can react rapidly, releasing an explosive danger of burning hydrogen gas mixed with air to form an explosive mixture. Therefore, aluminium fire against water and foam to fight the blaze.

Secondly, the aluminum powder at room temperature with chlorine and bromine for combustion reactions can also react with halon generates a small amount of aluminum chloride as a catalyst, tends to cause burning. Therefore, aluminium fire carbon tetrachloride, 1211 fire extinguishing agent is used to fight the blaze.

Light weight aluminium powder, size small, once the wind or air spray easy to fly in the air to form an explosive mixture. Therefore, aluminium fire gases such as carbon dioxide used extinguishers to fight the blaze.

Based on the above characteristics, should use 7150 Aluminum powder fire fighting agents, or dry chemical, dry sand, graphite powder, magnesium powder for saves. Because this type of extinguishing agent can be covered in burning aluminium surface, making it isolated from the air, and can effectively prevent the aluminium powder dust mixed with air, so as to achieve the objective of smothering.