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Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Aluminum Polishing Workshop In Fire-fighting Measures And Contingency Plans
Aug 31, 2016

1. Strong command of the scene. Aluminum powder exploded once burned, often causing casualties, and fire situation is complex, and a risk of secondary explosion. Therefore, should set up a powerful command of the scene during the save process, holistic consideration to the entire fire-fighting tasks. Fire command task is mainly organized force reconnaissance fire tactical measures right, decorated combat mission, issued a battle command, mobilization of various vehicles to the rescue, evacuation materials and supplies agents (loaded with sand).

2. Pay attention to the correct use of extinguishing agents. 7150 extinguishers and dry chemical extinguishers are powered with compressed nitrogen, chemical injection on combustion, so when you are using both fire extinguisher spray pressure should not be too large to prevent dust explosions caused. Use dry sand, asbestos, fire can be used to "one wall, two over, three buried" approach, that is, when besieging the fire, use dry sand from around the burning Aluminum powder round to a certain degree, then covered with asbestos and, finally, gently buried with sand (sand up to 30-50 cm thick). In addition, these agents can also be used in combination. If production in case of fire, use dry chemical or 7150 extinguishing agents to put out in the workshop production of kerosene (tank) and the burning of part of the equipment, and then, at room temperature under weakened, 7150 extinguishant, stone quilts weijian burning Aluminum powder and dry sand.

3. First stop, then annihilate. If a small amount of aluminum powder combustion do not form a wide range of fire, can take quick tactics, using stones quilts, dry sand directly eliminate fires. If an explosion occurs forming a large area burning, you should first check and fire suppression tactics