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Filter Filter Dust Filter To Take The Appropriate Speed?
Jun 12, 2017

What are the three most important parameters of a filter cartridge? Air volume, filter area, there is a filter wind speed.

We all know that there are a lot of Dust Collector filter hole filter, filter the size of the wind speed, in fact, the most intuitive can feel, speed, and some small dust is easy to be inertia through the fiber hole ran out, this That is why we want to limit the reason for the most reasonable filtering wind speed.

Put aside the cost aside, the filter wind speed is getting the lower the higher the filter wind speed is achieved, the direct benefit of two:

First, the operation of the equipment resistance is small, because the filter speed is slow, the accumulation of dust is also slow, the pulse can be sprayed down dust.

Second, the dust effect increases, said in front, fast, dust will drill out of the hole, then the corresponding emission concentration will be higher, and vice versa.

Then the filter Dust Collector to take the wind speed to take the most appropriate it?

This is related to the type of dust, especially small, such as dust, we need to take 1m / min below the particles slightly larger, but relatively soft dust, can be properly taken to 1.2m / min or so, some edges and corners more clearly , Relatively hard dust, it should take 0.8m / min below, or Dust Collector cartridge life will be very short.

Here we can be a relative extension of the bag filter Dust Collector speed can be faster than the filter dust collector, because the filter structure is not the same, dust bag is flat, and Dust Collector cartridge is folded, the fold will be more than The plane is more difficult to clean, so the Dust Collector cartridge filter speed should be taken lower. Of course, there are now on the market to filter the wind speed to 1.2 or even 1.5 or more, these conditions we have to specifically analyze the owners want to achieve what kind of a discharge requirements, emissions requirements are very low, can be appropriate to relax.