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Construction And Introduction Of Horizontal Screw Conveyor
Jun 12, 2017

Horizontal screw conveyor is a common transportation equipment in sewage treatment facilities. Its structure is mainly composed of shaft body, shaft, na blade, bearing and transmission.

The groove is a U-shaped slot with an end plate on both sides of the slot. The shaft is supported by the bearings on both ends of the plate. Shaft welded with a thin steel plate made of spiral blades. The material from the end of the delivery to join, thank the mouth in the other paragraph below.

When the conveyor is too long, should be added in the conveyor bearing hanger, in order to bear the push due to the material produced by the axial reaction force, should also be installed thrust bearings.

Spiral off the right and left, can be a single head, double or three. Generally use single-headed spiral. When transporting dry powdery material, it is advisable to use solid helix, which is the most commonly used form. When transporting block into a viscous material, it is advisable to use a ribbon screw. When transporting tough materials, it is advisable to use paddle blades as dentate blades. These two kinds of screws are often in the transport of materials at the same time, there are mixing materials, naked and mixed Na role.

Spiral pleasure machine has the advantages of: structural picking, small footprint, in addition to the level of delivery, but also can be installed, but the slope should not be greater than 20 °, the drawback is: greater friction, increased power consumption , The material is easy to wear, feeding Division requirements uniform, should not transport organic impurities, the surface is too rough, large particles and abrasive materials.

Note on the operation of the screw conveyor:

Note that the temperature of the parts, the temperature is too high, easily lead to damage to parts

1. Bearing temperature should not exceed 55 ℃

2. Motor temperature does not exceed 65 ℃

3. Reducer temperature does not exceed 50 ℃

The lubrication of the transmission parts

1. Bearing lubrication, the choice of calcium base oil, once a week

2. Gearbox lubrication, use gear oil, change for three months

3. Gear lubrication, the choice of waste oil, each shift for a time