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Rotary Valvesf Are Usually Divided Into Two Categories
Jun 12, 2017

Rotary valve, also known as the valve, the valve is usually divided into straight and rotary two categories. The straight stroke valve allows or cuts the flow through a linearly moving part such as a gate. Straight-through valves are valves, valves, diaphragm valves and so on. The rotary valve allows or cuts the flow through a rotating part. Rotating parts can rotate 90 degrees of rotary valve called 1/4 rotary valve. Sometimes the classification of the 1/4 rotary valve can be extended to a rotary valve with a corner less than 270 degrees. It can be seen from the definition that the rotary valve is a rotary valve that rotates the valve from the open position to the position by rotating the component, such as a rotating bezel.

Adjustable range

Adjustable range in the process industry is the most critical, the adjustable range of the rotary valve is about 150: 1 (VALTEK ball valve adjustable range can reach 300: 1, butterfly valve and cam deflection valve adjustable range of 100: 1). Corresponding cut-off valve adjustable range of 30: 1, that is to say that the rotary valve can provide 5 times the width of the adjustable range. For example, at a maximum flow rate of 1000 l / min, the cut-off valve can effectively reduce the flow to 30 liters / min while the rotary valve can adjust the flow to less than 10 liters / min, the more critical the valve control flow in the process The better the repeatability, the direct reduction of the process industry, substandard products.

The two features of the eccentric rotary valve increase its adjustable range, the first is its orifice design, eccentricity is an effective 1/4 of the garden, eccentric spool is V-shaped, and the traditional spool is When the eccentric rotary valve is off, its small V-shaped makes it very precise at low flow rates, and for large flow, it almost opens the valve to almost the same diameter as the pipe. The second feature is the implementation of the machine's travel rotary valve actuator with a certain degree of travel film and cylinder two. 1 "cut valve is about 3/4" to 7/8 "and the rotary valve travels more than 2". For any other size of the valve. The greater the stroke of the input, the better the control at the working end.

The high adjustable ratio of the control valve provides the exact ratio required by the recipe, regardless of the size of the flow path, the traditional linear or control valve no longer accommodates such a task, the rotary valve can improve the performance of the device while reducing the control valve The cost of the plant life cycle. Adjustable range of wide rotary valve allows users to improve the tight cut standards, thereby increasing the cost / benefit indicators. Metal seats coupled with a special material made of the lining can extend the service life of the valve to improve the performance of the valve. The simple slewing structure is designed to minimize maintenance effort. Reduce the cost of production owners.