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Variable speed machines what classification? Gearbox work?
Aug 31, 2016

Working principle:

Torque machine is located in the front of the automatic gearbox, mounted on the flywheel of the engine, its role and using similar to clutch in manual gearbox cars. It uses the kinetic energy in the fluid circulation process changes the engine's power transmission automatic gearbox input shaft, and according to vehicle running resistance changes automatically in a certain range, variable to change gear ratios and torque ratio, has a certain deceleration increases torsion functions.

Automatic gearbox used for variable speed gear in ordinary gear of planetary gear type two. With the conventional-gear gearbox, due to the large size, maximum transmission ratio is small, only a few models. Most of the gears in the automatic gearbox gearbox uses a planetary gear.

Important part of automatic gearbox, mainly due to the Sun gear (also called the Center wheel), the ring gear, planetary and Planetary gears and other components. Planetary gear is the transmission mechanism, the ratio changed through the different components of the initiative and limit the realization of the different components of the movement. Speed ratio change process, entire planetary gear set with movement, power is delivered without interruption, thus achieving a power shift.

Shift actuator is primarily used to change the planetary gear in the active component or restrict the movement of a component, change the direction and speed of power transmission, mainly composed of multiple disc clutch, brake and one-way clutch and other components. Clutch is the one component of planetary gear power to make it active. Brakes are used to a component in the planetary gear hold, so that it does not move. Unidirectional overrunning clutch is one of the planetary gear transmission shifting components, its function and multi-disc clutches and brakes are almost the same, are also used in fixed or to connect several planets Sun, planet carrier, ring gear and other basic components, transmission ratio of planetary gear transmission consisting of different gear. Principle or electronic automatic control theory, according to certain rules control the shifting of gears in the gearbox actuator, realization of automatic shifting.

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