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Solenoid valves work
Aug 31, 2016

Solenoid valve working principles:

Electromagnetic valve in has closed of cavity, in of different location open has pass hole, each hole are to different of tubing, cavity middle is valve, on both sides is two block electric magnet, which surface of magnet coil power valve body on will was attract to where, through control valve body of mobile to document live or leak out different of row oil of hole, and into oil hole is often open of, hydraulic oil on will into different of row tubing, then through oil of pressure to promoted oil just of piston, piston and led piston rod, piston rod led mechanical device moving. Current through the control solenoid control the mechanical motions.

Trace history of solenoid valve:

To currently weizhi, both at home and abroad of electromagnetic valve from principle Shang is divided into three big class (that: straight moving type, and points step child pilot type), and from valve flap structure and material Shang of different and principle Shang of difference and is divided into six a branch small class (straight moving diaphragm structure, and points step heavy tablets structure, and pilot film type structure, and straight moving piston structure, and points step straight moving piston structure, and pilot piston structure).

Direct-acting solenoid valve:

Principle: power is electromagnetic coil generates magnetic lift off from the valve seat, valve open; power, the electromagnetic force disappeared, spring pressure off at the valve seat, valve is closed.

Features: vacuum, vacuum, the zero-pressure can work, but size does not exceed 25mm.

Distribution of direct-acting solenoid valve:

Principle: it is a combination of direct acting and pilot-principle, when the inlet and outlet when there is no pressure, power, the electro-magnetic drive guide small valve and main valve closes in turn lift the valve open. When the inlet and outlet when the starting pressure is reached, power, force pilot small valves, main pressure valve cavity, cavity pressure drop, which pushed up the main valve pressure drop; power, the pilot valve closed by spring force or media pressure to push, move down, the valve closes.

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