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How to properly use the Cycloid reducer? Cycloid needle wheel reducer in six common sense
Aug 31, 2016

Method of use:

1, Cycloid needle wheel reducer for 24-hour continuous working system and allows forward and backward operation.

2, single-stage Cycloid reducer output shaft of the Steering and the input shaft turning the opposite, two stage Cycloid reducer output shaft turn the input shaft towards the same.

3, Cycloid reducer no self-lock function.

4, Cycloid reducer output shaft cannot withstand axial forces.

5, overload may occur in applications, overload protection device should be installed.

6, foot horizontal plate Cycloid reducer code installed in the absence of vibrations, very substantial levels based on the tilt must be installed to use, inclination of the gear axis shall not be greater than ± 15 °.

7, flange mounted cycloidal reducer legislation at the time of installation, the output shaft vertically down.

8, such as the need to use our feet plate horizontal and flanged State with special installation other than form, must take the appropriate lubrication and sealing measures to ensure adequate lubrication and to prevent oil leakage.

9, using grease lubrication-Cycloid reducer installation angle free.

10, reducer installation, available pads adjust pad height of no more than three blocks, wedge adjustments can also be used, but slowed down after calibration must be changed into a flat pad.

11, in shock, vibration or starting applications, motor and Foundation in addition to the leg bolts outside join, you also need to use pins (bring your own) be strengthened.

12, the standard-type Cycloid reducer input shaft and output shaft of shaft extension of cylindrical form, using common flat key connection. Shaft diameter tolerances root H6. Size of common flat key is pressed GB1096-79 the General flat key provisions of the type size. Connection flange spigot are GB1801-79 (H9) complex.

13, when the coupling of Cycloid needle wheel reducer when with the support of the mechanical connection, we recommend you use flexible coupling.

14, when supporting mechanical coupling and reducer, two concentric axis shall not be within the limit allowed by the coupling.

15, when the Cycloid reducer with gears, sprocket joins, must ensure that the axis parallelism of the two.

16, when use sprockets for drive, don't put the tooth chain is too loose, or in the impact when they start.

17, when the coupling, gear, sprocket connectors, such as join-Cycloid reducer output shaft, direct hammering method can not be used, should use the shaft end screw into the bolt through the plate into the.

18, after the installation of reducer, used prior to commissioning. No-load running under normal conditions, then gradually loaded up.

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