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Directional control valve works
Aug 31, 2016

Six-way reversing valve consists of body, sealing components, cams, valve stem, such as handles and bonnets parts (Figure 1). Valve handle-driven, using the handle valve stem and rotate cam, cam has a registration drive and locking seal Assembly opening and closing functions. Handle counterclockwise, two sets of sealing components in the presence of the cam off bottom two channels, the top two channels are connected with the imported plumbing fixtures. Otherwise, the top two channels closed, both channels of the lower end connected with the imported plumbing fixtures, implements electronic commutation.

Six-way reversing valve

Six-way reversing valve

1 cover 2 handle 3 on the valve stem seal Kit 6 cover 7 valve 4 cam 5

(1) six-way valve valve body by partitions into two cavities, each cavity has 3 channels, Middle inlet, outlet at both ends. For carbon steel plate of the valve body welded structure, small volume, light weight, compact structure, improve material utilization, shorten the production cycle, reducing costs. Sealing surface welding of stainless steel, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, sealed surface after finishing polishing, surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.8 μ m.

(2) six-way valve has two sets of sealing components. Each seal Assembly (Figure 2), sealing ring, valve flap adjust block, adjusting screws, plates and bolts. Disc carbon steel welding, with ribs, which increases disc strength and guidance to ensure concentricity between the disc per group. Mosaic polyurethane rubber ring on the disc, this material is resistant to oil, abrasion, stable performance, good seal and long life characteristics. In the presence of cams, sphere of seals and sealing surfaces of the valve body compression elastic deformation of contact, reach the sealing effect. Adjusting and adjusting screw seal components cannot be synchronized in both groups in place could play a role, to ensure that the sealing performance of synchronization is in place.

Seal Assembly

Seal Assembly

1 plate 2 bolts 3 adjusting block 4 disc 5 seal ring 6 adjusting screw

(3) valve stem and valve body diaphragm and bonnet of axial seal with o-rings.

(4) valve body diaphragm and bonnet shaft bore is inlaid with copper, reduces the friction between the o-rings and sealing component flexible opening and closing, small operating torque.

(5) on the valve cover with signs and limit screw and valve stem install pointer, clearly indicates that the connected status of each channel, easy to operate.

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