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Diesel generator gear repair methods
Aug 31, 2016

1, the reverse method: single-sided to gear wear, if allowed, gear change location or can be rotated 180 degrees, use their side not wear, but the best are flipped, or matched with gear into new products, to ensure the normal meshing gears.

2, inserted by: Tower is manufactured by several gears in gear, gear damage to varying degrees. If individual gear tooth wear, replace the ring gear available method of repair, removing the need to repair all gear teeth, appoints a tooth ring gear mounted on car parts. In order to prevent the new tooth is loose, can be combined in the ring gear and the gear along the circumference welding spot welding or drilling into the nails fixed stability.

3, tipped laws: the load is small, high speed gear, after the individual tooth knocked out, fix the bad gear Planer planing trapezoidal Groove on the roots, to a certain degree with new gear trough the same embryo into welding plastic prison and processing.

4, build-up welding process: tooth abrasion or tooth of a gear or a few on both sides wear more than the limit, according to gear damage, geared in whole or in part on the surface, surfacing a layer or several layers of metal. Repair welding of gear can be divided into electric welding and gas welding. Welding gear, simple operation, quality is good.

5, screw method: the worn teeth of the gear is removed, cleaned, measured using Vernier caliper thickness of tooth root and tooth Rasp file for parts and wash it. According to the tooth thickness, selection of appropriate diameter screw thread length not less than 1.5-2 cm. Then drill site in the gear teeth, drill and screw holes of the same diameter, and then tap tap. Tighten screw in the screw hole will be used, and then with a hacksaw cut above the top part of the screw, then Rasp into and the original tooth shape of teeth, ready to use.

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