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Daily maintenance valves
Aug 31, 2016

1, valves should be kept dry and ventilated room, access plug at both ends.

2, long-term storage of hongfeng valve should be checked on a regular basis, remove dirt and put oil on the surface.

3, after installation, should be checked on a regular basis and main projects:

(1) seal surface wear.

(2) the trapezoidal thread of the valve stem and valve stem nut for wear.

(3) filler is outdated, if damaged should be replaced.

(4) the hongfeng valve overhaul Assembly, sealing performance test should be carried out.

Maintenance work valve when grease

Before welding the start-up and commissioning valves profession of conservation work for valve service plays a vital role in production operations, orderly and effective maintenance of the valve is secured properly, the valve to function properly and extend valve life. Valve maintenance work may seem simple, but it's not. Often overlooked aspects of the job.

First, the valve when grease, often ignored problem of grease. Grease gun after refueling, the operator selected valves and grease after connection, grease job. There are two conditions: grease insufficient amount of grease on the one hand, due to lack of lubricant on the sealing surface and accelerated wear. Excessive grease on the other hand, lead to waste. Is not depending on the valve type category, to accurately calculate the different valve sealing capacity. With valve size and category to calculate the sealing capacity, no matter how reasonable the inject the right amount of grease.

Secondly, when valve grease, often ignore the pressure problem. When the grease, grease pressure peak changes on a regular basis. The pressure is too low, leakage or failure of pressure is too high, greasing nozzle clogging, seal fat hardening or seals and valve balls, valve plate lock. Usually grease pressure too low, inject grease into the valve Chamber bottom, generally occur in small valve. Grease pressure is too high, check the grease on the one hand the mouth, fat hole blocks identified for replacement; the other is fat hardening, use cleaning fluids, repeated failure of softening compound and inject new grease replacement. In addition, sealing models and sealing materials, as well as grease pressure, different seal types have different grease pressure, usually hard sealing grease pressure than the soft seal.

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