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Analysis of four solenoid valves
Aug 31, 2016

I. safety solenoid valve: 1. corrosive media: King should use plastic solenoid valve and the entire stainless steel; for strong corrosive medium must choose isolation diaphragm. Case CD-F. Z3CF。 A neutral medium, also suitable for steel alloys for valve solenoid valve of the shell material, otherwise, the valve shell very rusty scraps to fall off, especially infrequent occasions. Ammonia uses the valve can not be used with copper. 2. explosive environment: you must choose the corresponding explosion grade products, open installation or more occasions dust should use waterproof, dust-proof varieties. 3. the solenoid valve nominal pressure pipe work pressure is exceeded. II. applicability of solenoid valve: 1. medium characteristics 1.1 gas, liquid or mixed state respectively, use different varieties of solenoid valve, ZQDF for air ZQDF-Y for liquid, ZQDF-2 (or-3) for steam, or easily cause malfunction. ZDF Series solenoid valves are all in the air ... liquid. Order against Ming media status, installing user does not have to be adjustable. 1.2 media temperature products with different specifications, otherwise the coil will burn, seals aging, seriously affecting life. 1.3 media viscosity, usually in the following 50cSt. If it exceeds this value, size is greater than 15mm ZDF Series solenoid valves for special orders. Size is less than 15mm provides high viscosity solenoid valve. 1.4 medium cleanliness is not high in front of the solenoid valves equipped with a recoil when filter valve, low pressure fashion can choose straight diaphragm solenoid valve for, for example, CD-P. 1.5 media if the directional flow, go back in and does not allow ZDF-N and ZQDF-N need a two-way flow, please make special requests. 1.6 media temperature should be elected in solenoid valve allowed range. 2, pipeline parameters 2.1 according to media flow requirements and select the valve orifice and pipe connections model. For example, for a pipeline to switch two pipes, smaller size of selected CA5 and Z3F, medium or Chase size please select ZDF-Z1/2. And if the bus control pipe, select ZDF-Z2/1. 2.2 according to the flow and valve Kv selected nominal size can also be selected with the pipe diameter. Please note that some manufacturers are not marked with a Kv value, often valve hole diameter is less than interfaces, must not seek the lowest delays. 2.3 operating differential pressure pressure 0, 04Mpa is can choose indirect pilot; operating pressure is close to or less than zero must use direct-acting-or step directly. 3.1 environment 3, environmental conditions and temperature should be selected within the range, if ultra-poor need special orders made. 3.2 environment with high relative humidity and rain drops, such as on, be elected waterproof solenoid valve 3.3 environment often have vibrations, bumps and shocks should be selected special varieties, such as solenoid valves for ships. 3.4 in corrosive or explosive environment, priority should be chosen according to safety requirements of using Eclipse 3.5 environment space if restricted, please choose multifunctional solenoid valve, because it eliminates the need to bypass and three manual valves, and ease of maintenance. 4, power conditions 4.1 according to the type of power supply, AC and DC solenoid valves respectively. In General AC power convenience. 4.2 voltage specifications as preferred AC220V, DC24V. 4.3 power supply voltage fluctuation usually communicate using +%10%, 15%, DC allow ¡à% 10, if the variance to take the regulator measures or special order requests. 4.4 according to the rated current of power capacity and power consumption. It should be noted that VA value when the Exchange started higher, capacity should be chosen indirectly guided electromagnetic valve. 

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