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Dust collection solution

Dust collection system sucks the dust emission source distributed around the factory via negative pressure power system and centralizes the dust in a central filtering equipment for dust collection so that achieve the purpose of purifying the factory environment and recycling the dust. 

Hanrui Company can provide the following dust collection system: 

1. Local type dust collection system: Arrange the dust collector on the upper or near the dust source point directly, seal and ventilate locally. 

Solution features:

Simple system, compact layout, less investment, easy implementation ; 

The dusty gas dissipated by the dust source of the single point dust collector will directly enter the dust collector, in normal condition, there is no dust collection pipeline and discharging device; 

The dust collector and the fan can be made as a whole and compose single filter unit; 

When the dusty air is purified efficiently and ensures the dust concentration satisfy the state health standard emission, it can be diffused directly in the factory; It is applied in the place where is less exhaust, less dust source, dust collection location is isolated or some remote location; 

The collected dust generally can be discharged directly to the process equipment.

2. Distributed dust collection system: Centralize the dust source position or centralize the several dust source point in the same product section. 

Solution features:

The concentrated dust source can compose one system with the advantage of simple pipeline, convenient arrangement and adjusting measures to local conditions.

The dust source point in the same production section can compose one system and operate indirectly. That is to say, the system can stop operation when there is no pollution thus achieves the energy saving purpose. And also helpful to the dust recycling when the dust property is single. 

The system with shorter pipeline, smaller pipeline diameter, less branch, and convenient adjustment.

The dust collector and fan is distributed near the dust source or workshop so that the production staff can manage operation at the same time.

Application ranges:

Widely used in chemical industry, chemical fiber, food and industries.

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