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Automatic unpacking and feeding solutions

Currently, many factories use manual feeding method in feeding section, which causes serious damage to laborers' health, low efficiency and low automation degree. Our company has developed suitable solution for different working conditions, including and also applicable for the material conveying in explosion-proof area.

This solution is total automatic, intelligent and integrated system for material de-palletizing, unpacking, recycling, conveying and dust collecting. No manual operation except using the forklift to stack the pallet.

Solution description:

The robot de-palletizes and puts the bag to the bag conveyor, the bag enters the pre-crusher through the bag conveyor and then unpack automatically. Material will automatically be separated and drop into the downstream equipment via detection or convey to the designated position. The waste bag will be automatically compressed, piled up and packed after separation. The dust during the unpacking process will be purified and filtered by the dust collector and discharged after reaching the standard.

Related parameters:

Bag weight: 10 ~100Kg

Unpacking capacity: 30 ~1200 bag/hour

Bag material: Kraft paper bags, plastic bags (coated), gunny bag, etc

Solution features:

Improve the production environment; completely eradicate the dust damage to the laborers' health;

High automation degree, increase the production efficiency;

Reliable operation, low power consumption, low maintenance and repair cost;

High flexibility, optimizing the application of solution according to customers' different working condition;

Apply to automation work in the explosion-proof area;

Apply to food grade working condition requirements;

Application ranges:

It is widely used to unpack solid material in chemical, chemical fiber, grain, food, pharmacy, coal mine industries. Generally speaking, it is applicable for almost all the material unpacking conditions.

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